Saul Sadka

The Eighty Steps

The buried pattern of the Torah
Coming in 2019
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The lost patterN 

This new book attempts to pry out the hidden structure of the Torah and considers the text in this new context, and in the light of contemporary Torah scholarship. 

The division of the Torah as we have them are not innate to the text. The masoretic Stuma and Ptucha divisions date back no further than the dark ages, and their uniformity is a false artifact of the printing press.

​Likewise, the chapter and verse divisions that we now have are the invention of christian Archbishop, Stephen Langton, and only became universal once the printed Bible became widespread in around 1600.


​The Division into Parashot HaShavua and Aliyot was never intended to be a system for study, but to achieve certain textual milestones at certain times of year, while avoiding ending sections on negative notes. 

​This book presents what appears to be the fundamental structure of the text as first received over 3000 years ago. By reading the clues in the superstructure and hints in the language - we can see that fractal patterns emerge, based around the numbers thirteen and eight, the numbers representing respectively "recognition of God" and "Covenant" at the core.