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About the Project


Facilitating the study of Tanakh by exposing its innate structure

Understanding the structure of a text is critical to its comprehension, and this is even more true when dealing with an ancient text where structure was at the core of its composition. It was with this goal that the 'Eighty Steps Torah' (2018) and the 'Sadka-Rabinowicz Edition Torah' (2019) were released, displaying Torah in its innate structural context for the first time.

The second stage of the project saw the release of the Hebrew 'Tanakh - Sadka-Rabinowicz' Edition (2020), which presents the entire text of Tanakh in 1,800 pages and in a way that exposes its core structure and facilitates comprehension. The volume contains the full Hebrew text of Tanakh with the addition of English indices and an 80,000 word set of introductions and explanations in English and Hebrew. It was published by KTAV, and after Covid related delays will be released in late 2021.

The third stage of the project will see the release of the 'Intertextual Tanakh' in two volumes. The first volume (due out 2022) will comprise the Torah and the Early Prophets and the second volume (due 2023) will contain the Latter Prophets and the Writings. Alongside the Hebrew text is a matching translation that attempts to match the Hebrew text as closely as possible structurally and linguistically to allow the modern reader to grasp the text within its ancient context. Volume I boasts over 15,000 footnotes containing over 600,000 words of concise commentary and elucidation citing over 500 authorities from 300 BCE to the modern day. The overriding goal of the commentary is to elucidate the text within its ancient context and explain how the initial readers might have understood it. To this end over 10,000 cross-references are employed since most of what is known about Tanakh is present in the text itself, and more often that not, the text can be best understood in the light of other Biblical passages.

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