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The Eighty Steps Torah: Sadka-Rabinowicz Edition


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This innovative new edition of the Torah enables fast and comprehensive study of the text of the Torah.

All thee traditional division of the Torah remain in place, the Christian chapter and verse system and the weekly parashot and aliyot are easily navigable for use in study or in the synagogue.

Writer and editor Saul Sadka elucidates the development of the the Torah's eighty part structure in an extended introduction where this novel theory is explained.

For the first time in an edition of the Chumash, the positioning of the translation closely follows the newly elucidated structure of the text and mirrors it to the right, allow instant correspondence between the Hebrew and the newly formatted modern English translation.

Included are the fulls texts of the all the Haftarot, the full text of the Shabbat Prayers, and a color summary chart of the Torah.

KTAV, 2019,  ISBN-13 ‏: ‎ 978-9657602287

The Tanakh:
The Sadka-Rabinowicz Edition (Hebrew)

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The entire Tanakh, formatted to reveal its structure and divided up by topics. The text is in Hebrew only, there are English headers, introductions and indices.

KTAV, 2020,  ISBN-13 ‏: ‎ 978-1602803947






















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